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The "KING of Wire Antennas" is a Rhombic"

Updated: Oct 30, 2020

K0UO is working on the "Lost Art of Rhombics"  with three of these large wire antennas at the Kansas QTH beaming at the 6 main DX areas, and phasing for more steering.The "KING of Wire Antennas" is a W1AW type Rhombic. Each antenna was built for 40 meters and above, with over 600 to 700t foot per-leg and +1200' end to end, 6 to 7 Acres each  on 80 to 100 foot wood poles, The Front to Back is like a brick wall, maybe +45dB or more. That makes them 4 to 6 Wave-Lengths long on each of the four sides or 16  to 24 wave-lengths total for 40 meters, these may be the largest 40 meter Rhombic antennas in current ham use.  In the 1950s to 1970s W6AM had many 1000 footers and one was 1500ft, TF4M put up a larger one at one time, and Roy W7YRV/SK had nine at one time and he developed the X Rhombic, which he had one for every 20 degrees. That was a truly remarkable accomplishment for an amateur station (You must see his page, great info  It was an extreme pleasure for K0UO to meet Roy, even in his 90's, he was still an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to very high gain antennas. K0UO is very privileged that W7YRV has entrusted him with the schematics, drawing, and photos of these fabulous antennas. W1VDE Roger in OR has six and is on the air daily, alsoVK3MO, and in Texas N5APR and W5BY Jeff, have a few at their ranch's, KL7KK in AK has one along with a few VK's, and V55V (V55W) in Namibia had 2 but they are now down. The gain over the full size 40 meter wire 2 element beam at 100 feet high, is truly unbelievable, Gain before Amplification. The QTH also has two long 1200' Vee-beams, on 75-95 foot woodenpoles. The antennas are currently assisting a group with a project using TDoA (Time Difference of Arrival ) Direction Finding (DF) checking integrated statistical localization algorithm which allows the localization of HF transmitters based on AoA (Angle of Arrival).

Most Radio Amateurs don't know that a key concept with traveling-wave type antennas like a Rhombic, that the current and voltage levels are the same everywhere along the antenna conductors, so no standing waves on the antenna itself.  The rhombic antenna therefore has the distinct advantage of working over very wide frequency ranges. By using switches there is No waiting for a rotator to turn, just every direction, every band, every time with the sites multiple antennas.

Time must be spent on the layout of the antenna, you must have a plan on what parts of the world that you want the main beams headed at. The lobe is only 20 degrees wide.

Then get the area ready for the install the above photo is my Cat bulldozer clearing out the area. Each of my antennas cover nearly 7 acres.

Getting the hardware ready

1000 foot of 1 5/8" and 7/8" hard-line to the main control box, then 600 ohm open wire feeders

Miles of 3/8 in cable

The 100 foot poles are over 36" diameter at the base 6000 to 8000 lbs each

One of the control boxes which is over 1500 foot from the shack

A open wire feed system

A smaller 3wl per side, still 16dBi and 28dB FB, my antennas are 4 to 6 waves on each side.

The tower in the back is 195 foot and 1000 feet from this pole.

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K0UO Rhombic Antenna Farm

17353 SE U.S. Hwy 281

K0UO Rhombic antenna Farm

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