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High gain bets Beams

Once I heard Don Wallace W6AM and a neighbor comparing antennas on 20 meters.  Don was running one of his rhombics aimed toward Europe.  His neighbor said he was running a 5 element mono-band yagi at 150 feet (I think it was).  Anyway while I was listening they compared the two antennas getting comparative signal reports from many European stations.  Don's rhombic was almost always at least 20dB stronger than his neighbor who was running the 5 element yage at 150 feet.

I understand that theory (EZNEC) does not predict this result, but what happens on-the-air is what separates the big guns from the little pistols.

Dick  AD4U from


K0UO Rhombic Antenna Farm

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K0UO Rhombic antenna Farm

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