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Others Hams with the Rhombic

Updated: Nov 12, 2022

Others that are using the King of antennas, In the 1950s to 1970s W6AM had many 1000 footers and one was 1500 ft (in fact the main E/W is using parts from W6AM's farm). TF4M put up a larger one at one time, and Roy W7YRV/SK had nine at one time and he developed the X Rhombic, which he had one for every 20 degrees. That was a truly remarkable accomplishment for an amateur station (You must see his page, great info It was an extreme pleasure for K0UO to meet Roy, even in his 90's, he was still an encyclopedia of knowledge when it comes to very high gain antennas. K0UO is very privileged that W7YRV has entrusted him with the schematics, drawing, and photos of these fabulous antennas. W1VDE Roger in OR has six and is on the air daily, alsoVK3MO, ZL6QH, and in Texas N5APR and W5BY Jeff, have a few at their ranch's, KL7KK in AK has one along with a few VK's, and V55V (V55W) in Namibia had 2 but they are now down


W6AM 1946 antenna layout below

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Roy W7YRU had a 8 element full size Sterba Curtain at 200 in AZ, ss He also had six 20 meter sterba curtains at 120' high

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